In-Company Coach


We build trust-based relationships with our clients. We establish agreements and carry out individual and collective sessions, aligning our own personal styles with that of the organization.


We seek for the right angle and develop an effective communication process aimed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of teams and people. The fist results will be visible in the first 3 to 6 months.

In order to begin the process that will enhance the communication quality of your Company and that of the teams within it, it is necessary to start by asking ourselves these questions:

  • What do we need to change as individuals and as a team nowadays?

  • What were we unable to change so far?

  • What is it that we don’t want to change?

  • How much are we willing to contribute as individuals in order to get the results we are looking for as a team?

After having the answers, we can now define the objectives. This will set the start of the road that will lead the organization to an organized and harmonious atmosphere which will allow for higher productivity in a proactive, result-oriented working environment.


From the individual’s point of view:

  • Embody interpersonal skills.

  • Develop strategic thinking, with a more effective risk management.

  • Preparing Leaders for a change.

  • Identifying and recognizing skills that are yet to be learnt.

  • Recognizing and upgrading the resources I count with.

  • Revision of our companies’ and self-owned archetypes.

  • Embracing Change and Continuous Improvement.

  • Encouraging listening and opinion acceptance while keeping focus.

From the Team’s perspective:

  • Develop a personal trust and responsibility culture within the organization’s staff and clients.

  • Effective use of power.

  • Aligning actions and commitments.

  • Aligning team members with the company’s objectives and vision.

  • Strengthen the bonds within the team in order to aboard new opportunities.

  • Helping others to expand their responsibility levels and raise the bar when it comes to initiative and creativity.

  • Identifying the weak links in the chain in order to invigorate them.

  • Designing processes.

  • Measuring the “what” and the “when”, after which we shall decide which actions to take.

  • Dealing with difficulties in interpersonal relationships and stranded issues that won’t allow the company to go with its flow.

  • Identifying moderators and facilitators.

Horacio Bellotti