I offer time and a neutral listener to express yourself without being judged in order to solve issues that you don’t have either space, trust or time to take care of in the day-to-day heat.

We are talking about a process of full responsibility assumption concerning your reality. Together, we will design the precise actions that need to be taken in order for you to achieve your personal and professional goals both in, and outside the office. As you professional Coach, I become a third person who is actively thinking with you, giving you support and companionship, but also feedback in order for you to achieve those so long-desired objectives.

Our aim will be set in the design of concrete actions to take your career towards higher responsibility positions, hence gaining exposure, and orienting you to tangible, measurable results. In addition, along this journey, you will learn how to properly asses situations for adequate decision making, you will see the advantages of de-victimizing, acquiring learning flexibility, develop values, your personality, and gain trust, among many other improvements you will be noticing.

  • Improving your interpersonal relationships.

  • Understand what the best way to communicate is.

  • Learning how to ask for things.

  • How to build a worthy internal contact network.

  • Explore your own interior to find out there’s an effective way to move through your career without leaving your health behind.

  • Coping with the daily stress.


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Horacio Bellotti