Coach Mentor

Adhered to ICF’s Code of Ethics


Coaching is a dynamic relationship between the coachee and myself, the coach, focused on your emotions. We make an active use of the question as our primary tool to make you take ownership of your own situation. Our aim is for you to discover your goals and define the path to make them a reality.

Both of us stand in your shoes without falling into revisionism or therapy.

I turn into a third party who reasons altogether with the client, but without feeling the heat coming from the day-to day pressures and emotions. You will find support, companionship, feedback and orderliness in an absolutely confidential environment.

The question:

Gathers the energies that develop your skills and capabilities towards a new future. In addition, it has an impact in your brain way before you actually elaborate your answer; and whatever answer we receive in the shape of sound, words and/or gestures can do as much as locking a door or shining a light for us. The understanding is deepened.

We develop

  • Critical thinking.

  • Problem Resolution.

  • Teamwork capabilities.

  • Emotional Intelligence.

  • Decision Making.

  • Negotiaton.

  • Cognitive Flexibility.

Horacio Bellotti